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New Soap Collection

Yesterday was the launch of a new kind of soap in our store! In addition to artisan bar soaps and sugar scrub soaps, we now have Glycerin Soaps! Now, to be fair, all handmade soaps are technically "glycerin soaps", as most store-bought soap is actually detergent. However, most people know these colorful, and often transparent/translucent, soaps as Glycerin Soap. They are a little bit more drying on the skin than our regular artisan bars, as all ingredients are not handpicked and chosen directly by us. These essentially start with a base soap that we then add colors and fragrances to, and mold into bars.

In this new collection, we have 3 different types of soap to offer: Oatmeal, Luxury, and Triple Butter. The Luxury bars are translucent, and the Oatmeal and Triple Butter are opaque. The Oatmeal bars contain real bits of oatmeal (which you can see on the tops of the bars), which is thought to moisturize and relieve itching. The Triple Butter bars contain Shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter - all of which are thought to benefit dry skin. All of these bars create large, rich bubbles and lather!

We currently have 10 different scents to choose from; two of those ten are a mixture of the other scents. Take a look at the new collection and buy a bar or two for your shower today!

--Apex Soapery

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