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Pride Sale & New Products

Time for a quick update!

June is nationally recognized as Pride Month for the LGBT community. As a part of that community, this month means a lot to us. We don't have much spare change that we can donate to an LGBT organization, so for the entire month of June, we are offering 10% off of our Pride soaps!

By this time next year, we will have a whole new set of Pride soaps for sale. At that time, we plan to set aside 10% of the sale price from each bar that is sold to donate to our local LGBT Pride Center (i.e., if we sell 40 bars, we will donate $32).

But for now, please enjoy this 10% discount and click here to buy your Pride soap today! No code necessary.

We also wanted to quickly mention that we have added a couple of new products: Lavender Body Butter and the Mystery Box! To check out the body butter, click here. There is a very limited supply available, so don't wait! If you would like more information about the mystery box and what it may contain, please click here. Happy shopping!

Be on the look out for the many new lip balms that will soon be added to the shop.

~Apex Soapery

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