If you like surprises, this is the perfect box for you! We have 3 different styles to choose from: Bar Soap, Variety, or Ultra Variety. Each mystery box includes $40 worth of our products for just $29.99!


  • The Bar Soap box contains 4 randomly chosen bar soaps, as well as 2 cedar soap dishes. 
  • The Variety box contains 2 randomly chosen bar soaps, 1 cedar soap dish, 1 sugar scrub soap (4oz), 2 lip balms, and 1 body butter (4oz). 
  • The Ultra Variety box contains 1 bar soap, 1 cedar soap dish, 1 sugar scrub soap (4oz), 1 perfume oil, 1 glycerin soap, 1 lip balm, and 1 body butter (4oz).


Do you want any masculine scents, or would you prefer none in your box? Enter the following in the space provided:

  • For Variety box1, 2, or none
  • For Bar Soap box - 12, 3, 4, or none 
  • For Ultra Variety boxcologne (for a cologne oil instead of perfume), soap (for 1 masculine bar soap), both (for cologne oil & masculine bar soap), or none.


If you get a particular item that you don't love, give it away as a gift! 


Flat rate shipping of $6 for each box. Shipping rate will increase if additional items are added to cart.

Mystery Box