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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept custom orders?
    Yes, we do! Click Here to read about our process and place an order!
  • How big are your bars of soap?
    For all of our Artisan soaps, they are approximately 3.5" (l) 2.5" (h) 1" (w) and weigh between 4 and 5 ounces. All of our soaps are hand cut with a wire cutter tool, so each bar differs slightly in weight and size. The weight also differs between batches, as each one will not be the same as the last. Such is the nature of handmade! For our glycerin soaps, we offer many varieties of shape and size, so please read the description for each one.
  • How long does your soap last?
    That all depends on how you use it! There are many factors to consider, including storage location, how much you lather, whether or not you use a loofah/wash cloth, how long you shower/bathe, and how often you shower/bathe. In order to increase the length of handcrafted soap's life, you need to keep it out of direct water and make sure it dries fully between uses. We recommend a draining soap dish. Some of our customers have been able to get two months of daily showers out of our soaps, while some have only been able to get a couple weeks!
  • Will your products melt in the summer heat? Can I request an insulated box?
    Unfortunately, we are too small a business to be able to offer insulated and/or cold shipping for the hot summer months at this time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our products will reach you before they melt. The products that are at the highest risk of melting are our lip balms, body butters, and glycerin soaps. We have listed instructions on each product page for those items under "Shipping in hot weather", but we will include them here as well. For lip balms: As soon as you receive your package in the mail, please bring it into a cool or air conditioned area (ie your home) and quickly take the lip balm(s) out of the box. Set them upright on a flat surface, so that they will cool and re-harden correctly. That way it won’t be melted into the cap. Let them sit for approximately 2 hours before opening the cap to use. For body butters: As soon as you receive your order in the mail, please bring it into a cool or air conditioned area (ie your home) and quickly remove the body butter from the box. Set it upright on a flat surface, so that it will cool and solidify correctly. You are welcome to place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes, to speed up the process. Let it sit for approximately 1-2 hours before using. For glycerin soaps: Please be sure to bring your package into a cool or air conditioned area (ie your home) as soon as possible. If you find that the glycerin soap has melted upon opening the box, please take a picture and send it to us right away; let us know if you would prefer a refund or in-store credit in the email. If you would like us to ship overnight, please send us an email as soon as you place your order and we will let you know the cost. Payment for this service must be received before we will ship the order. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Palm Oil is harmful to the environment and orangutan habitats! Why do you use it in your soap?
    Our Palm Oil supplier is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable Palm Oil production. The RSPO was founded in 2005 to create a system for certifying sustainably grown palm oil. The RSPO is cofounded by the World Wildlife Fund. To learn more, click here. The palm oil we purchase claims to be sustainably harvested and certified organic. Since there is no 100% guarantee that the palm oil is harvested sustainably, we offer palm-free options.
  • I am a Utah local. Can I avoid shipping charges and pick up my order/meet you somewhere?
    The short answer: in some cases, yes. The long answer: Depending on your location and how far we would have to travel to meet you, would determine the answer. We do have a pickup option available, however, if you choose this option and you are 25+ miles away, we will not complete the order. You will be instructed on how to pay for shipping if this occurs. If you have been overcharged for shipping, we will contact you right away with one of two options: we can either refund you the difference, or you can choose to receive in-store credit.
  • Do you offer discounts for larger purchases?
    We currently offer Free Shipping on all orders of $75 or more. We do have other discounts from time to time, so be sure to subscribe to our blog and keep up with the latest news!
  • My items arrived damaged/never arrived. Can I get a replacement or request a refund?
    Unfortunately, there is no way for us to verify these claims. As all of our products are created in small batches, there is a very limited number of each available. For this reason, we can not replace damaged or lost items. If you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us within 7 days of purchase and we will be happy to help resolve any issue. Resolutions will be on a case-by-case basis.
  • How long does it take for my order to ship?
    Your order will typically be shipped 1-2 business days after purchase, weather permitting. It will be shipped via USPS and will typically take 2-4 business days to arrive. If you place an order during the busy Christmas month of December, your arrival time may be extended an extra 1-3 business days. You will always receive a tracking number when your order has shipped.
  • Do you offer Palm Free soaps or vegan-friendly products?
    Yes, we do! Most of our lip balms are vegan and all of our body butters are vegan. We currently have a few palm oil-free bar soaps, and we will continue adding more palm-free soaps in the future. How can you tell which bar soaps are palm oil-free? Simply look for the blue "palm-free" banner! You can also go to Artisan Soaps in the shop and select "palm free" under the sort/filter options.
  • Do you offer free products to beauty bloggers/gurus? Do you do exchanges?
    No, we do not give out free products, nor do we do exchanges.
  • How are your soaps packaged?
    All of our soaps are fitted with a Kraft cigar label and then placed inside a blue Organza bag. Some of our older soaps are shrink-wrapped, but due to the negative effect on the environment, we have stopped using this plastic. The box (that your order is shipped in) and the cigar labels can be recycled. The Organza bag can be reused by you, or can also be used to store your soap, or used as a carrier for your soaps when you travel. We often reuse packing peanuts, bubblewrap, air pillows, and other shipping materials that we have previously received.
  • I have a question that is not on this list. Where can I ask my question?
    Please use our Contact Page for any other questions, comments, or concerns you may have! We will do our best to answer in a timely manner.
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